Our story begins 41 year ago, when we decided to buy a farm, with all the pertaining land (and it was a lot). For us, it had been love at first sight. Obviously, for several years we could only use it as our vacation place, since we were both compelled in Milano by our work. But our destiny was that things should evolve, and we both changed job. I had a new one in
particular that allowed me some degree of freedom, and I understood that, by using
new technologies like fax and internet, I could still do my work while living here in Costalta. Therefore, we started renovating the farm, and we began to make here our living, discovering how the dream of a simple life, of forgotten scents and tastes, obedient to nature's rhythms and gifted by the crop of our orchard and our garden, could become true. Later, we started renovating the shed and barn building, transforming them into the B&B that you can see now in the pictures.